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A Guide to Kalrez 1050LF


Dupont’s variety of products serve countless uses. Among these is the Kalrez 1050LF. This specific product is part of Dupont’s Kalrez line of parts, known across the manufacturing space as a top material for long-term sealing in some of the harshest chemical environments out there.


The Kalrez 1050LF has an excellent pressure rating, with a maximum application pressure of 1,500 PSI. Kalrez 1050LF o-rings can maintain their recovery within elasticity following high-pressure applications, maintaining a tight seal for longer than other compounds. Long-lasting seal components like the 1050LF can help extend the life of your seals, lowering costs and extending time needed between replacements.

These perfluoroelastomer parts are known for their above-average hot water and steam resistance, excellent amine resistance and good compression set properties. The maximum application temperature is approximately 550 degrees Fahrenheit, providing exceptional seal effectiveness at high temperatures. This characteristic can be attributed to the strength of the carbon-fluorine bond all perfluoroelastomer products’ perfluorinated chain.

The 1050LF line of products share the properties of all Kalrez perfluoroelastomer parts when it comes to chemical resistance. With the ability to withstand contact with over 1,800 different chemicals, solvents and plasmas, they maintain their elasticity and recovery properties superior to other comparable products.

Some of the highest resistance properties can be found when the product is exposed to such chemicals as ethers, alcohols, ketones, and amines. This is essential in manufacturing applications, where chemical interaction is a frequent occurrence and the products involved must hold their properties consistently.



This compound is classified as a general usage product. It is often seen in application during chemical process industries to help form o-rings, gaskets and other custom sealing parts.

Applications in which it is not recommended include those where rapid temperature cycling properties are required, as some electronic applications. Additionally, it is not recommended for use in organic or inorganic acids at high temperatures.

Another situation to avoid when using this product is when there is a chance of exposure to molten or gaseous alkali metals, due to the possibility of a highly exothermic reaction.



Wyatt stocks thousands of o-rings products, including the Kalrez 1050LF. Our O-rings, including those incorporating 1050LF parts, come in a variety of sizes and materials. Contact a Wyatt Seal sales representative to locate the right product for your need, or to create something custom.


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