High-Performance O-Rings from Parker

Parker Hannifin has been a leading O-ring manufacturer for decades. Their O-rings are used in aerospace, fluid power, semiconductors, and more.

Wyatt Seal offers hundreds of sizes of Parker O-rings in stock in a variety of application-specific materials.

Kalrez High Performance Perfluoroelastomer Parts.

Kalrez® elastomers perform uniquely well in demanding processing environments. DuPont™ Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts (FFKM) are highly chemical-resistant and also stable in temperatures up to 327°C.

Frequently used in chemical processing, pharmaceutical, fabrication, oil & gas, and aerospace, Kalrez® O-rings are long-lasting and durable. Fewer replacements mean less downtime for sensitive processing timelines. Kalrez® also makes FDA-compliant seals suitable for food and beverage processing.

Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies

Freudenberg O-rings can be adapted across all industries and market segments to technically demanding installation and operating conditions on a customer-specific basis. Freudenberg O-rings are available in both imperial and metric sizes.


PTFE-encapsulated O-rings are O-rings “wearing” a PTFE jacket. Encapsulated O-rings are typically offered in two different PTFE grades: FEP and PFA.

FEP – The most versatile encapsulated O-ring for overall corrosion resistance, sealing capability, and temperature.

PFA – Greatly improves the mechanical and creep properties of O-rings at higher operating temperatures. Part of the fluorocarbon family.

Encapsulating an O-ring in PTFE has many benefits:

  • Corrosion resistance
    Abrasion resistance
    Good impact strength
    Excellent resilience
    No swelling
    Permeation resistance
    Ultra low moisture absorption
    Low cold flow
    Broad temperature range
    Good dielectric properties
    Low coefficient of friction

Metal O-Ring

Metal O-rings are designed for applications with high temperature (500+ F) and high pressure (10,000 PSI). Metal O-rings are specified when elastomer materials don’t meet the temperature or pressure requirements of a given project.

Spliced and Vulcanized

Vulcanized O-rings are an excellent choice for static sealing applications when molded O-rings cannot be used due to large or non-standard dimensions. They are also preferable when only a few pieces are needed, or when an O-ring is needed right away and you cannot wait the standard lead time for molded production. Vulcanized O-rings can be made from a range of elastomers and in virtually any size.

Spliced and vulcanized O-rings are made from extruded cord stock that has been cut and bonded together. Molded O-rings, conversely, have been compression- or injection-molded as one piece.


Mil-Spec or “military specifications” are products that are tested and approved for applications that have been established by various departments of the military.

Specific compounds are approved for almost every military, aerospace, ASTM, SAE, automotive, petroleum, and commercial application. The most widely used specifications are the AMS, AS, AN, M, MS, MIL, and NAS specifications.


Wyatt Seal is proud to offer a variety of Parker O-Rings, Kalrez® o-rings and custom o-rings to support every project’s unique needs.

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