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How Seal Quality Affects Pharmaceutical Product Purity



Within the pharmaceutical industry, seal quality is of utmost importance. Few industries expect their seals to withstand such exacting, aggressive environments as pharmaceuticals; seal quality can affect the ultimate performance of machinery, testing procedures, and commercial packaging, as well as the quality of pharmaceuticals themselves.

In Pharmaceuticals, Hygiene Matters
One of the primary jobs of any seal is to effectively stop the transfer of matter from one part of a process to another. In pharmaceuticals, this need is particularly acute. Strict legal guidelines within the sector and countless industry regulations require end-products to be pure and free from contaminants. Seals are the solution.

The quality of pharmaceutical seals is so important, special classes have been designated to distinguish these seals from standard industrial seals. Both FDA (Food and Drug Administration) grade and Pharmacopeia USP Class VI compliant seals are widely used within the industry. These high-grade seals are certified to be thermally stable during long periods of extreme temperature and throughout the steaming process.
Because seals come into direct contact with a wide variety of media during the pharmaceutical process, their dependability is paramount. A wide range of pressures, temperatures, and chemical exposures are present in pharmaceutical environments and these fluctuations must never impair the seal’s ability to stop the transfer of materials from one component to another. Additionally, the harsh cleaning process to which the seal is exposed must not cause damage to the structure of the seal itself.

The Versatility of Seals for Pharmaceutical Processes
The range of processes used within the industry is always growing. The most common applications for seals include everything from drug production to diagnostic testing to vaccine creation, and more. Quality seals are also critical within the subsector of blood testing, and for a wide range of biomedical research applications.
“Pharmaceutical” products are wide-ranging and include much more than medicine. Cosmetics, medical chemicals, cleaning supplies, and testing equipment all fall under the umbrella of pharmaceutical production in regards to seal requirements. When purity matters, seals matter, too.

Pharmaceutical Seals from Wyatt Seal
Wyatt Seal is a leader in advanced seal technology. Our pharmaceutical solutions come from some of the best brands in seals; we also produce custom-made pharmaceutical seals for customers looking for something extremely specific.

We offer a full range of FDA-approved, NSF-approved, and USP Class VI O-rings for use in pharmaceutical process equipment. In addition to sanitary gaskets and custom shapes, we also offer a plethora of common seal types including standard and non-standard O-rings, gaskets, butterfly valve sets, inflatable seals, and many others. There really is no limit to the shape, size, or material seal the team at Wyatt Seal can procure (or produce) for your needs.

Our products keep your process clean, hygienic, and efficient. Ready to find out more about our advanced applications for the pharmaceutical industry? Contact us today to speak with a Wyatt Seal team member about your needs.


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