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Wyatt Seal, Inc. is a leading distributor of innovative sealing solutions, offering an expansive range of products tailored to meet the needs of various industries.

Our comprehensive offerings include standard seals, such as O-rings, gaskets, u-cups, wipers, oil seals, and more— all available in various materials and sizes to accommodate different operating conditions and environments. Recognizing that every application may have unique sealing challenges, we also specialize in providing custom sealing solutions tailored precisely to our customers' requirements.

Through our broad product offerings and custom solutions, we demonstrate our commitment to meeting the diverse and evolving needs of industries worldwide. As a result, Wyatt Seal is your trusted partner for sealing solutions across a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from automotive and aerospace to pharmaceuticals and beyond.



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The effectiveness of seals is contingent upon both their correct installation and the careful selection of appropriate materials and profiles. When choosing the seal that aligns with your project's requirements, it's essential to consult professionals and explore the range of profile options available.

Industrial seals offer various profiles tailored to different applications. Each profile has unique characteristics suited to specific sealing needs, such as pressure resistance, temperature tolerance, and environmental compatibility. Selecting the right profile involves considering factors such as the sealing mechanism required and the space constraints of the application. Additionally, the selected material must exhibit compatibility with the operating environment and the substances being sealed, which is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

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We know how crucial it is for you to have parts that perfectly fit your needs. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can create custom parts to ensure you get the right sealing solution for your application.

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