The Compliance team at Wyatt Seal specializes in providing regulatory compliance solutions for our customers within the sealing industry. Our team is well-versed in key regulations such as REACH, RoHS, TSCA, Proposition 65, CMRT, and more. We offer practical insight and support to ensure that your products align with environmental and legislative standards. Our Compliance Department is here to help your business navigate and meet regulatory requirements seamlessly by selecting suppliers based on strategic partnerships, customer expectations, product quality, lead times, and other factors to meet and exceed customers’ satisfaction.


    Standard Regulatory Services

    United States of America Legislations

    - USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement)/COO (Country of Origin)

    - CMRT (Conflict Minerals, or Dodd-Frank Act) Download the WSI declaration.

    - TSCA (U.S. EPA Toxic Substances Control Act Section 6(h))

    - Prop. 65 (California Proposition 65) Download the WSI declaration.

    - PFAS (Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) (See also: Maine Legislation) Download the WSI declaration.

    - RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)


    International Legislations

    - REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) Please note: manufacturers have up to 6 months to submit to current revision.


    Self-Serve Documents

    Download Wyatt Seal’s company-level declarations:


    -Prop. 65


    Download available documents from some of our strategic partners:

    parkerAuthorized Distributor logo - Kalrez


    Guidelines for Regulatory Requests

    1. At Time of Order: In our commitment to provide you with efficient and timely service, we kindly request that compliance-related documentation requests be submitted at the time of placing your order.

    2. Time Frame: Due to the constantly evolving nature of legislation, we are unable to provide compliance documentation for parts purchased more than five years prior. We are unable to provide REACH revision levels beyond six revisions after purchase date.

    3. Legislations: While we will make every effort to obtain any required documentation not listed under “Standard Regulatory Services” from our vendors, we cannot guarantee its availability.

    4. Proprietary Formulas: In accordance with standard business practices, we are unable to provide proprietary formulas or full material declarations, as these details are considered confidential and proprietary by our suppliers.

    5. Trace Contaminants: The declarations from our suppliers pertain only to substances intentionally added during the manufacturing process. We do not store or add any of the declared substances at our facilities, but we cannot confirm that the presence of harmful substances (e.g. due to micro impurities or environmental influences) will not be found in the products supplied. Furthermore, as a distributor, Wyatt Seal, Inc. provides declarations based solely upon the information supplied to us by the manufacturer and/or the direct supplier; we do not conduct any further testing.

    6. Submission Formats: As a standard business practice, we do not cover costs attributed to third-party compliance submission formats, nor are we able to complete pre-populated compliance forms/surveys. While we fully understand the importance of these processes, our resources are allocated to prioritize our core business functions and commitments. Our standard method of documentation submission is a statement on Wyatt Seal or manufacturer letterhead.

    7. No Revision Level Change: Please note that if we have previously provided compliance documentation for a specific part and legislation revision level, we may not be able to furnish additional copies unless there have been subsequent changes or updates.

    8. Pending Legislation: Regrettably, we are unable to furnish regulatory compliance documentation for pending legislations, as it contradicts our internal policy to engage solely with enacted and substantiated legal frameworks. Once these pending legislations attain legal standing, we will review and update our compliance documentation to incorporate the requisite details.


    Additional Compliance Scopes

    -ISO 9001:2015 Download the WSI declaration.

    -ITAR Download the WSI declaration.


    At Wyatt Seal, we strive to uphold the highest standards of compliance and industry practices. Our team of Compliance experts focus on efficiency, accuracy, and staying informed of regulatory updates, and continue to be your trusted partner for seamless and responsible operations in the ever-evolving world of regulatory requirements.

    To submit compliance requests, please complete our dedicated form. We appreciate your cooperation, and this streamlined process will help us address and fulfill your compliance needs.

    Feel free to contact the Compliance Department directly via email at for other inquiries or assistance. We appreciate your communication, and our team is here to help.