New and emerging markets are opening up a variety of alternative applications for seals.

Specialty products and custom shapes are being used in semiconductors, life sciences, automotive and industrial applications, among many others. In these instances, designing a custom specialty seal can help reduce installation timelines, improve tolerances, and simplify the assembly process.

Custom Molded

Custom molded parts are available in a wide variety of materials, thicknesses, hardness and colors. If your operation has unique shape, size or profile needs, let Wyatt Seal assist you.


With four CNC machines in house, Wyatt Seal has the ability to make your specialty part quickly and to-spec. Prototypes, proof-of-concept, and/or small production runs are ideal ways to utilize our machining capabilities.

Wyatt Seal is here to help engineer and manufacture a sealing solution for your unique application. From boots to bellows, O-rings to D-rings, extruded/precision cut seals to press-in-place seals to completely custom seal shapes, Wyatt Seal will help you design the perfect product for your specialty application.