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What is a PTFE Teflon O-Ring?

PTFE Teflon O-rings are ring-shaped seals made from the chemical polymer polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE for short. PTFE O-rings work like any O-ring to seal two or more parts at the interface.

While they may be called PTFE O-rings, Teflon O-rings, or PTFE Teflon O-rings, they are all the same material. PTFE refers to the chemical name for the material, whereas Teflon is a registered trademark name for the same polymer.

Benefits of PTFE Teflon O-Rings

PTFE is an extremely versatile, high molecular-weight polymer. This nonreactive material has several beneficial properties, including its resistance to chemical corrosion and its ability to withstand a wide temperature range. Because of its specific properties, PTFE has many potential applications across a range of industries.

Corrosion Resistance

PTFE is resistant to most corrosive elements and chemical agents, including acids, bases, solvents, oils, alkalis, and oxidants. While PTFE is highly resistant to corrosion, it is not a good choice when chemical resistance is needed to liquify alkali metals, fluorine compounds or fluorine gas, or extremely potent oxidizers.

Long Shelf Life

Resistance to corrosive environments makes PTFE a preferred selection when the O-ring may not be in continual use. PTFE O-rings do not degrade over time in the same way that some elastomers might. Ultraviolet rays also do not degrade PTFE O-rings as they might O-rings made from other materials.

Wide Temperature Range

As a material, PTFE has outstanding resistance to heat and cold and can be used in temperatures as low as - 425ºF or as high as 450ºF. This makes PTFE O-rings a good selection for cryogenic or heating applications.

Additional Benefits to PTFE O-Rings

In addition to its resistance to corrosion, high heat, and extreme cold, PTFE has a number of other useful properties. PTFE O-rings do not stick, burn, or absorb moisture. This means that the O-ring will not swell when exposed to water.

PTFE O-rings generate very little friction and are resistant to tears and abrasions. The low-friction quality makes PTFE O-rings appealing for use in hoses and pipes. The self-lubricated surface also makes the material a good choice for seals in moving systems.

The material also has beneficial electrical characteristics in the form of dielectric strength and electrical resistance. Finally, PTFE O-rings are non-toxic and may be sterilized, which is a benefit for pharmaceutical and medical device applications.

Common Uses & Applications

Many industries use PTFE O-rings because of their unique properties. These include chemical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace/automotive manufacturing, medical devices, and other industries. PTFE O-rings perform well in low- to medium-pressure applications.

PTFE O-rings are ideal for situations where they may be exposed to any of the following conditions:

  • Heat/Steam
  • Cold/Refrigerants
  • Acids
  • Alkalis
  • Detergents
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Ketones
  • Lubricants

Common uses for these O-rings include mill, crushing, or grinding applications, as well as stirring and agitator processes. PTFE O-rings also are frequently used in pumps, centrifuges, and blower systems. Engineering solutions involving transmissions, gearboxes, and air compressors also use PTFE O-rings.

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When purchasing PTFE O-rings, it’s important to select the right size because they will not easily stretch or conform as much as other materials. PTFE O-rings are difficult to remove once installed, so a proper fit is essential. At Wyatt Seal, we have PTFE Teflon O-rings in stock in our 4 warehouse locations.

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