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Custom machined parts are utilized in countless industries, including industrial, life sciences, oil and gas, automotive, and semiconductor — just to name a few.

We offer 150+ unique profiles in over thirty materials, and maintain material billet stock in our two domestic machining centers in the Southeast. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities can drastically reduce lead-time, often producing prototypes within 24 hours. We have five state-of-the-art CNC machines able to make parts up to 20” in diameter, and all of our onsite manufacturing capabilities come with absolutely no tooling costs.

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Common Profiles

Piston Seals

Piston seals, as the name suggests, are installed on the piston head of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. Their primary function is to prevent fluid from passing across the piston and ensure that pressure is maintained within the cylinder. These seals play a crucial role in enabling the controlled movement of the piston, translating fluid power into mechanical work efficiently.

Rod Seals

Rod seals, including U-cups and Polypaks®, are critical components in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They are installed on the reciprocating rod or shaft of a cylinder to prevent fluid leakage from the system. U-cups, with their distinctive U-shaped profile, offer efficient sealing for various applications, while Polypaks® provide excellent sealing performance with an O-ring expander. These seals ensure that hydraulic or pneumatic pressure is maintained within the cylinder, allowing for the controlled movement of the rod.


Wiper seals, also called scraper seals, are essential for maintaining the cleanliness of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They are typically installed on the outer side of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders to prevent contaminants like dust, dirt, and moisture from entering the system. Wipers help extend the lifespan of other sealing elements, such as rod seals and piston seals, by minimizing wear and preventing damage to the cylinder's internal components.

Backup Rings

Backup rings, or anti-extrusion rings, support O-rings in hydraulic and pneumatic applications, preventing their extrusion or damage under high pressure. In hydraulics, they enhance O-ring performance and longevity, maintaining sealing integrity. Similarly, in pneumatics, backup rings provide reinforcement to O-rings, especially in higher pressure systems, ensuring reliable sealing solutions. These rings work in tandem with O-rings to contain fluids and maintain pressure while preventing leakage. Proper material and size selection are crucial for their effectiveness.

Guide Rings

Guide rings, also known as wear rings or guide bands, are used to reduce friction and minimize wear between moving components in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They are typically installed on the inside of hydraulic cylinders to guide and support the piston or rod. Wear rings provide a smooth and stable surface for these components to move against, increasing system efficiency and longevity by reducing frictional losses and wear.

Rotary Seals

Rotary seals, also known as radial shaft seals or lip seals, are essential components in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Installed on rotating shafts or axles, their primary role is to create a fluid or gas-tight barrier while accommodating rotational movement. These seals prevent the escape of fluids and contaminants, ensuring efficient and reliable operation of machinery. With various designs available, including single-lip, double-lip, or multiple-lip configurations, rotary seals are versatile and find application in diverse industries like automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, and marine. They contribute to reduced friction, longer equipment lifespan, and the integrity of fluid or gas containment in rotating systems.

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At Wyatt Seal, we boast a comprehensive selection of standard materials in stock. This extensive inventory underscores our dedication to providing prompt and reliable solutions tailored to our clients' unique specifications.

Moreover, our expertise extends beyond standard materials; we are adept at locating and machining parts from specialty materials, ensuring we can accommodate even the most unique requirements with precision and efficiency.

In-house custom manufacturing

With several in-house CNC machines, we can design and manufacture custom parts for you in the Carolinas to ensure you get what you need, when you need it.

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We know how crucial it is for you to have parts that perfectly fit your needs. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can create custom parts to ensure you get the right sealing solution for your application.

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