INDUSTRY: Valve manufacturing


A major valve OEM was using an outside labor force to assemble service kits.

The customer was looking to reduce costs.



Wyatt Seal identified the opportunity to not only offer a cost reduction but to improve delivery and provide a more identifiable product.

Packaging and label designs were offered and approved by the customer. Each component in the service kit was individually labeled with part identification, material traceability, and assembly date. These sub packed parts were then assembled into an aftermarket service kit ready to be supplied to channel partners.



By purchasing these kits from Wyatt Seal, the OEM was able to discontinue the outside labor contractor and remove that cost from the books. This resulted in significant cost savings. Wyatt Seal was given the approval to purchase third party proprietary components that were included in these kits. This enabled the customer to purchase completely from one source, which also reduced costs. Service kits are now ordered from Wyatt Seal directly and delivered, to specification, in days rather than weeks or months. Additionally, the customer recognized additional cost savings by reducing on-hand inventory.

Industry: Valve Manufacturing

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