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3 Questions to Ask Your Industrial Seal Manufacturer



Are you asking enough from your industrial seal supplier? Wyatt Seal is an industry-leading name in seal manufacturing and distribution, and we’re working hard to raise the bar for industrial seals. Whether you’re in the market for a new manufacturer or you’re simply trying to determine what you need in a sealing partner, consider asking these three important questions.

  1. Do you stock seals in inventory and if so, which ones and how many?

    Ideally, your seal manufacturer will keep a large variety of seals in stock. Having a warehouse of name brand seals ready to ship-out at a moment’s notice means you never have to wait long when a seal failure is holding up your process. Wyatt Seal keeps thousands of O-rings, gaskets, machined parts, pneumatic products, and more in-house from the most reputable names in the business including Parker, Dupont Kalrez®, Freudenberg, and SKF®. Wyatt Seal’s expert advice and preferred partner discounts mean our clients get a superior experience for less money.

  2. Can you custom-make seals for my business?

    At Wyatt Seal, the answer is yes. New and emerging markets are presenting more and more opportunities for us to flex our custom seal muscles. Custom seals improve timelines, improve tolerances, and simplify your assembly process. They’re sometimes the only workable solution to a unique-to-you problem. At Wyatt Seal, we design, prototype, and manufacture a wide variety of seal products. When your seal needs are highly specific and incredibly complex, only a partner like Wyatt Seal will do.

  3. What happens if I have questions weeks (or even months) after purchase?

    When you purchase seals one-off from an online vendor, you’re usually on your own! At Wyatt, we believe that our best marketing tool is a satisfied customer, so we spend a lot of time and energy making sure we get it right. Whether your seal doesn’t fit the way you thought it would or you have questions about an upcoming application you’re hesitant to place a large order for, our team of knowledgeable customer service representatives are happy to help. Friendly, ongoing service is just the Wyatt Seal way.

    Is your seal manufacturer meeting your needs? Maybe you’re looking for more hands-on advice about your project’s specifics or you’re in search of a faster, more reliable way of reordering seals. Whatever the case, Wyatt Seal is excited to prove to you how seamless the seal manufacturing process can be.

Reach out to our team today so we can get started on a solution for you.



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