industry: oilfield services

The Challenge.

Our customer was in the development stage of a new tool used in the Oilfield Services Industry.  However, their prototype surfaces were running out of round.  They were faced with having to machine out their ID to achieve an acceptable sealing surface, which made the ID larger than the original design specification.


The Solution.

Using our In-House manufacturing capabilities, Wyatt Seal was able to offer a “one-off” special seal to fit the over-sized ID. After receiving the finished ID, we were able to recommend Piston OD, Piston Groove design, and Wear Ring designs. The customer was then able to machine the piston per our recommendations and we delivered the Double Acting Piston Seals and Wear Bands within 3 days to meet the customers’ testing schedule.


The Results.

The customer was able to save approximately $20,000 by not having to purchase new raw material for the over-sized component. Additionally, they did not lose the 15 hours of machine work that had already been done to the component. They were also able to avoid losing money having to reschedule the 3rd party test facility. Once the prototype was approved through the test process, we were able to move the items to one of our suppliers for the production quantities.

Industry: Oilfield Services

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