Making the difference.



A major international automotive OEM was experiencing premature and unpredictable failures with their pumps that provided insulating compound directly to the assembly line, costing them time and money. Partnering with a premiere machinery rebuilder, Wyatt Seal performed a complete analysis of the pump components, maintenance practices, and failure mode. Per our suggestions, several hard part upgrades and a complete revision to the pump vee packing assembly was undertaken. Both materials and geometry were upgraded and improved. The results have been outstanding! Pump performance has been extended 6x and is more predictable than ever. The automotive OEM has specified this new design and is investigating other applications where Wyatt Seal Inc. can provide extended MTBF.


A major chemical processing plant in the southeastern US was experiencing O-ring failures due to high process temperatures (500 F). The maintenance team upgraded from EPDM to FFKM but the rings continued to fail. A thorough design and failure analysis by the Wyatt Seal team revealed that the customer was using an incorrect cross section O-ring resulting in gland overfill and mechanical damage. Wyatt Seal’s sales engineer suggested the correct cross section and compound for the FDA application. The customer’s process is now running smoothly without upset and failure.


An industrial motor manufacturer contacted Wyatt Seal to help design a difficult grommet application. The grommet material had to be FDA certified and would be used in vacuum service with multiple single conductor light gauge wires. All of these requirements were met without too much difficulty. The real issue was the angle of the very small holes required for the wire passage ways. Wyatt worked with one of their custom molders to offer a unique custom tool to mold the parts and minimize flash in the wire ways. The end product met all customer requirements for this application.


A Wyatt Seal customer was chosen as the valve provider for municipal CNG (compressed natural gas) refill stations, servicing highway trucks. Once production started, the standard seal package failed in the field due to excessive pressures and volumes that the purge cycle generated. The valve OEM’s engineering manager enlisted Wyatt Seal’s technical sales manager to provide a quick solution to retrofit valves in the field and restart production. Wyatt Seal immediately delivered several material and profile upgrades for qualification using their in-house machine center. After thousands of cycles of validation testing at the OEM, the results exhibited no seal extrusion, shredding or dislocation from the seal groove. Just one example from many of Wyatt Seal’s responses to solving problems for our customers.