At Wyatt Seal, we offer a wide range of material options for O-rings and want to make it easy for you to quickly find the right sealing solution for your needs. 

What is a Viton® O-Ring?

Viton® O-Rings are ring-shaped seals made from a fluoropolymer elastomer and synthetic rubber compound. The name Viton® is a trademark of The Chemours Company for its fluorinated hydrocarbon rubber products. Viton® O-Rings work like any O-Ring to seal two or more parts at the interface.

Viton® O-Ring Material Description

Viton® is a high-performance compound suited for various rigorous applications. These O-rings also may be called FKM O-rings because the material is known as FKM under ASTM and ISO designations. 

All FKM O-rings contain the monomer vinylidene fluoride. FKM O-rings vary in their chemical composition and fluorine content.

Viton® O-rings have many potential applications across a range of industries. They are available in many different formulations and durometers depending on the need. We want to help you select the best sealing solution for your project.

Benefits of Viton® O-rings

Viton® O-rings have resistance to extreme heat, oxygen, acids, oils, greases, fuels, organic solvents and many chemicals. Viton® O-rings also withstand extreme atmospheric conditions.

Mechanical qualities of Viton® O-rings include good wear resistance, excellent compression set and permeation resistance, and moderate short-term resilience. They also have good dynamic and set resistance along with tensile strength. 

Viton® O-rings have temperature resistance from - 15ºF to 400ºF. For this reason, many industries use Viton® O-rings in settings where temperature extremes would degrade other O-ring materials. Viton® O-rings maintain strong resistance to compression at temperatures that would make other materials unsuitable.

FDA-compliant Viton® O-rings also are available for food and beverage processing applications.

Environmental Resistance

Viton® O-rings are commonly used in applications that face tough atmospheric or environmental challenges. These O-rings are resistant to high temperatures, oxidation, UV exposure, weather, ozone, mold, and fungi.

Long Life

Viton® O-rings last longer than many alternatives, and this extended life pays off in terms of operational efficiency. By using Viton® O-rings, you can cut down on repair, replacement, and maintenance costs. Their increased reliability also means less unscheduled downtime and increased productivity.

Common Uses and Applications

Boilers, heat exchangers, and heaters often take advantage of the temperature range for Viton® O-rings. They also are used in compressors, pumps, valves, engines, and refrigeration.

Viton® O-rings are recommended for use in fuel solutions, including fuel-injection seals and advanced fuel hose components. They also are good choices for head and intake manifold gaskets, vacuum, and quick-connect applications. 

Due to their chemical resistance, Viton® O-rings are used in applications that include exposure to most acids, chemicals, halogenated hydrocarbons, petroleum oils, and silicone oils and greases. Because of it’s resistance to permeation, Viton® O-rings often are used in applications to reduce fugitive emissions.

Viton® O-rings are frequently used in the automotive, aerospace, transportation, and heavy trucking industries. Oil and gas drilling industries often use Viton® O-rings because they stand up to chemicals, high pressure, and a range of temperatures.

Due to their durability and versatility, many electronic devices and appliances use Viton® O-rings. FDA-compliant Viton® O-rings are used in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.

When purchasing Viton® O-rings, it’s important to select the right size for your project. We offer a comprehensive selection of Viton® O-rings in industry standard sizes. Please consult the size chart so that you can order confidently, knowing you will receive a sealing solution that will arrive on time, perform well, and last.

We are here to help in selecting the right sealing solution. Tell us your specifications, and we will partner with you to find the ideal O-rings for your next project. Contact Wyatt Seal to find out more about our O-ring selection and our custom solutions.