Wyatt Seal does more than sell seals…we make them, too.


Our design team is capable of solving some of the most complex industrial and manufacturing issues, from aerospace to chemicals and more. There’s no application too complicated for our in-house experts to provide a solution.



Prototyping & Manufacturing

Prototyping shouldn’t be a bottleneck. With our process, we can move quickly from the prototyping phase to manufacturing to ensure you have the product you need to keep moving. Regardless if your application requires a size, shape, or material you simply can’t find anywhere else, Wyatt Seal has the answer.


Prototyping & Manufacturing Process

With our in-house CNC machining capabilities, we can produce prototypes in just a few days. Once approved, we can progress from prototyping into production.  We then work with one of our trusted suppliers to produce a mold, a process that usually takes four to six weeks. Then the customer prototype testing phase begins and that can last anywhere from several weeks to a year or longer.

To give you some perspective, we recently received approval for a prototype that had been in beta testing for two and a half years. The duration of the testing period is largely dependent upon the priorities of the customer. After sample approval, a typical production tool lead time is eight to ten weeks. After that, full production can be launched.

Production Timeline

The length of the production timeline is largely affected by lead times in mold and tool shops, lead times and availability of material at our supplier partners, available test stand time at the customer; and receiving reliable, accurate, and timely testing data and feedback from the customer.

The Wyatt Seal Solution

We follow well established design parameters and apply our 45 years of accumulated design knowledge and experience to serve as your expert partner for this process. Our knowledge base is large and we utilize the expertise of our team to overcome any and all sealing challenges.


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