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3 Things to Consider When Purchasing Custom O-Rings



O-rings are integral to almost every industrial function on the planet. While there are thousands of commercially-produced O-rings available for purchase at any given moment, sometimes only a custom O-ring will do.

Wyatt Seal is a leading manufacturer of custom O-rings. Our process is simple: We design, prototype, then produce O-rings (and other sealing products) with the exact specifications our customers require. Here are three things we want you to consider when purchasing your own custom O-rings.

  1. Is experienced consultation part of the service?

    At Wyatt Seal, we’re seal consultants as well as seal suppliers. We fully understand that not every customer comes to us knowing exactly what they need; it’s our job to dig deep within their application to figure out whether they have an existing problem, and how to solve it if they do. While we’re always happy to produce custom O-rings to specs provided directly by the customer, we also never expect our customer to be the experts on seals…that’s what we do best. When you order a custom O-ring from Wyatt Seal, you’re also getting our decades of experience manufacturing sealing solutions along with it.

  2. What is turnaround time like?

    For manufacturing and industrial processes, every second counts. There’s a misconception among seal customers that custom seals take months and months to produce. When you work with the right custom seal supplier, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Wyatt Seal’s custom seals can be produced incredibly quickly to reduce downtime on your line. Since everything we do is in-house – the design, the prototyping, the production and shipping – you can expect results fast. When you need a custom seal and you need it now, turn to Wyatt Seal.

  3. What happens after the seals are shipped to you?

    In an ideal world, your custom seals will perform exactly as you expected them to. In the real world, revisions are sometimes necessary. Maybe a seal gets more wear and tear than you thought it did, or maybe the temperature range you thought you needed isn’t high enough after all. Working with a seal partner to determine the right seal solution before ordering a shipment of custom seals is always the best course of action, but great customer service is still necessary even when you’ve dotted all your Is and crossed all your Ts. Wyatt Seal doesn’t just send you a box of seals, we follow up to make sure your seals are working as you planned. And if they’re not? We’ll prioritize finding you a solution so you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Custom seal manufacturers are not all created equal. Wyatt Seal has been a leader in seal solutions for nearly five decades; it’s a reputation we’ve developed through hard work, attention to detail, and incredibly broad experience.


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