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American Manufacturing Trends for 2019

Artificial intelligence


We are in a golden age for those in manufacturing. Gone are the days of slow-moving processes and a lack of innovation. As 2019 progresses, so too does the manufacturing industry. New trends and best practices are presenting themselves at a constant pace, providing both manufacturers and clients with quality and efficiency throughout the process.

Here are a few of the top trends in American manufacturing for 2019:


Technological Advances and Intelligent Manufacturing


IoT. AI. 5G. The world of technology is full of acronym-filled advancements, and these are coming to the manufacturing space. One of the most prominent and impactful trends for 2019 will be how technology is playing an ever-increasing part of the industry.

Leading the way is the aforementioned “IoT,” or Internet of Things. Simply put, it is the term for the interconnection of various devices through the internet. These networks remove much of the previously-necessary manual steps in a variety of processes, instead allowing organizations to digitize and automate these same steps through IoT-enabled devices.

But it’s not just IoT that is driving technological breakthroughs in manufacturing. There are new data analyzation software opportunities that will allow for companies to manage the immense data infusion they experience on a day-to-day basis, allowing for more efficient utilization and adjustment on the fly. Another, even newer, technological advancement is the rise of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. These new products will help everything from person-to-person interaction to robotic processes.


New Training and Workforce Practices


While the rise in automation has meant less reliability on increasing workforce, it has given a new need to advanced training and workforce practices. Digital training and integration have become necessary steps to bring both existing and new employees up to speed in a constantly evolving workplace.

This has also led manufactures to begin looking for new talent in previously unexplored areas of business. Prospective employees with training or education areas of specialty who may have never been a fit in the industry are now becoming more in demand with the shift to a technologically-driven space. Additionally, more manufacturers are developing strong partnerships with universities and colleges to find and implement ways to best prepare graduates for the future of the industry.


Global Collaboration and Partnerships


The world is getting smaller – this is true for all business and industry, and manufacturing is no different. The connecting of businesses across the production spectrum around the world has led to increased collaboration and partnerships between these organizations, which is an astoundingly positive development.

More collaboration brings with it a multitude of positives, from increased supply chain availability to an exchange of best practices and new ideas, leveraging manufacturing across the board.


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