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FDA-Approved Seals: Ensuring Food Safety from Production to Plate

When an O-ring is said to be “food grade,” it’s understood to meet a rigorous standard of quality and cleanliness.

Clean Cuisine: The Critical Role of Seals in Food Preparation

Food production is subject to stringent regulations to ensure safety and quality standards are met. Within this highly regulated industry, industrial seals play a critical role in maintaining the integrity of food processing operations.

Decoding O-Ring Squeeze: Essential for Effective Sealing

Central to the effectiveness of O-rings is the concept of "squeeze" – a measurement of the deformation they undergo when compressed against their mating hardware.

Crafting Superior Custom Seals in Three Steps

At Wyatt Seal, we pride ourselves on being more than just a distributor of high-quality industrial seals; we're also a manufacturer. Many clients turn to us when faced with challenges they cannot resolve using standard off-the-shelf O-rings or sealing products.